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Event Medical Cover

Leading medical provider

UK Life Medical can tailor medical cover to suit your event. We provide medical cover for a wide range of events such as:

- Motorsport - Leading providers of speedway and Grasstrack. For many years UK Life Medical has provided cover for motorsport events. We follow the series of speedway and grass track events across the whole season for both practice sessions and race days. We tailor the cover with clients to suit the needs of the event. 

- Film and TV: We have provided cover across the UK for many production companies on location and on set. See our film and TV section for more details.

- Festivals: From big to the small local festival we can provide cover for it all. We have covered many festivals year after year.Providing a service organisers can rely upon. Providing large staff numbers to cover all areas of the sites with medical treatment zones to cater for visitors needs. 

- Covering high octane events

- Equestrian events: We provide cover for all equestrian events from training sessions or clinics up to multiple day events and long endurance rides. We can provide vehicles to suit the needs of terrain and experienced medics in the sport to support riders and visitors. 

- Water Technical events: With events that have water elements comes added risk for the organisers. We can tailor cover to adapt to these technical elements. Water Saftey technicians and experienced medics. Events such as ocr events have multiple technical combinations we can provide cover to adapt to all elements of course. We have medics who are specifically trained in water rescue and medical cover to meet clients needs 

- Remote access events such as wilderness medicine: Providing a wide range of cover allows us to adapt to the needs of clients. We can provide vehicles for remote medicine and medics who have experience of field medicine. 

- Charity events 

- Sports Arenas

- School sport cover

- Many many more 

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